187 Fresh stARTs

187 Fresh stARTs

It’s Valentine’s Day, and my hearts are overflowing. Not only were there flowers and candy waiting for me when I woke up (thank you, Honey!), but I have been thinking all day about my little works of heART being used to convey cupid’s message.

What fun I had making 113 hearts, adding to the 74 I made last year. The most fun was connecting with friends who purchased hearts to give away. One bought 3″ square paintings for her entire staff. One bought paintings for her whole family. StARTist friend, winemaker Cindy Reynolds, wanted to put her own words on a heart for her daughter, so she came to my studio with a bottle of Flyboy Red.

“By all means,” I said. “Help yourself to a paintbrush, Cindy!”

When you come to my studio and see a corkscrew among the palette knives, you’ll know it stARTed today.


Heart #187 gets a personal touch.

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