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StARTing Season

StARTing Season

What a sweet paradox, here in the American temperate zone, that the ending of nature’s growth cycle also signals the beginning for so many human endeavors.

No matter how far we are from a farm field or a school bell, the end of the summer sends our spirits back to class. September seems to reset our minds to the mode of seedling, inviting us one more time to grow a little, out of our sleepy slow pace . . . out of the place we have felt planted.

Last week, I signed up for two classes: a color theory class at the Kansas City Art Institute on Thursday nights and a French class at La Causerie, a Friday-morning language academy held in a local church.

These aren’t the sexiest topics around. I was more excited about the welding class and the flying lessons I took in my thirties. But French and color theory are building blocks that will help me in my stARTist endeavors. The French is essential to keep me sharp for my Travels With Lola tours of Paris, which I try to lead once a year, and color theory is an art fundamental that I haven’t revisited since college. I know a refresher will boost my confidence in my artwork. I’m not expecting to be dazzled by every class, but I’m excited about watering brain cells that have become thirsty. Slurp. Ahhhhh.

Learning is Miracle Grow for stARTists. The act of learning takes nature’s very best ingredients and supersizes the chemical reaction, making things bloom faster and in brighter colors. It feels like cheating.

Join me as I catch the breeze of September stARTist energy. Classes are starting, salon groups are forming and workshops are filling up. As the world around us is showing up in their new shoes and backpacks, let’s join them, pencils sharpened, ready to stART something.

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