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stARTing line

stARTing line

At the moment, this blog has only one true follower. Julie, you know who you are.

No worries, though. That’s how most runaway hits and world changing movements get stARTed . . . with just ONE.  One idea. One day. One place. One minute. One fan.

I’m fortunate that our first follower is a stellar one. Banker, artist, adventure seeker and triathlete, Julie Nelson Meers is a stARTist through and through. She  was at my house last night, where we talked of art, triathlons and blogs, like the one her brand guru husband writes, Smoke and Meers. Check out, where Sam says “companies don’t make brands, their customers do.” Hmmm.

Maybe it’s also true that writers don’t make blogs, followers do. (Too much pressure, Julie?)’s recent post asks readers about things they have stARTed. I’m poking around for stories and myths about the way we begin things, what we finish, and what it all means. I’m certain we’ll find some stARTling truths. As soon as that first ONE responds.

“I was thinking maybe I should respond to the last stARTistry post on the subject of my triathlon,” said Julie, her voice rising with a question mark at the end.

“Duh!? YES, please!!,” I said. Because guess what? I want to do a triathlon, but I truly don’t know how to stART.

So yes, Julie, tell us. How did you begin? How did you schedule lake swimming into your busy urban life? Where did you get your first bike? How did you decide your first running course . . . set up your support system . . . break it to your husband? What was the mental process that made you start something in your 40’s that you could have done much more easily in your 20’s?

Athletic feats are as much feats of stARTistry as businesses and building projects and stARTing lines are just as victorious as finish lines.

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