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stARTing the Laundry

stARTing the Laundry

Do Your LaundryIt stARTed as a good-bye letter to my oldest daughter. Two years later, it’s on its way to becoming my first illustrated book, scheduled for release in March, 2014.

Do Your Laundry Or You Will Die Alone; Advice Your Mom Would Give If She Thought You Were Listening is a gift book for young women coming of age. It’s my last act of helicopter parenting and a fun journey on the road of self publishing.

After working briefly with two different agents, I learned that I would have very little control with a traditional publisher. If there’s one thing I like, it’s control. Lucky that my little coming-of-age book hits right on time with self-publishing’s coming of age.

I’ll be blogging about the experience and would love to hear from others who have self published.

Becky Blades

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