stARTists are anti-fragile

stARTists are anti-fragile

My favorite new book is Anti-Fragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. To summarize, it holds that the opposite of fragile is anti-fragile: mess with something fragile, and it breaks, mess with something anti-fragile and it gets better. It is full of eye-opening examples that what does not kill us DOES make us stronger, more creative . . . all around better.

Anti-fragility is a well-articulated case for the stARTistry philosophy. With everything from our political systems to our kids, we spend more resources on protection than we do on creativity. What we get is fragile people and systems and impeded abilities to design our way to strength in a changing world.

If you are a stARTist, you know how to work without a net or a protective coating. Let’s try to take the bubble wrap off the rest of the world.

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