This is the official blog and web site for StARTistry Consulting and StARTistry Publishing.

Dedicated to the art of beginning, stARTistry celebrates people who start things creatively: artists, entrepreneurs, social improvers and creators of all sorts.

The blog seeks to be a repository for encouragement, inspiration and instructions, helping would-be stARTists find the courage and information to haul off and stART something.

The higher goal of stARTistry is to invigorate a culture of creativity, artistry and entrepreneurship that moves humanity forward.

We believe that bad things happen when good people hold onto bad ideas – or bad systems or processes . . . even bad companies or products. If we can stART something whose time has come, then we will more easily let go of those things whose time has passed.

StARTing is just the beginning of a better world.


StARTistry, the blog, was stARTed by Becky Blades and inspired by her daughter, Taylor Phillips.



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