It’s not what you finish, it’s what you stART.

It’s not what you finish, it’s what you stART.

My two teenagers tell me I come from “opposite land” – that I tell them the opposite of what a mom should tell a daughter. Like today when I told my 17-year-old her dress was not short enough. Or yesterday when I told my college student not to worry about finishing her term paper. I told her just to write one page and go to bed. She texted me at 2 a.m. to say that her first draft was done.

Finishing is important – like paying bills on time and being nice to old people. Certainly, we should teach our children that finishing is a good thing to do. But stARTists know that if we teach our children how to stART, the finishing will often enough take care of itself.

Everything we need to finish exists in the moment we start: The desire, the decision, the passion, the priority, the reckless resolve . . . it all comes together to ignite a momentum that wants to finish what it starts.

While we don’t always know what the finish looks like, one thing is for sure: it always begins with a stART.

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