Let’s stART something!

Let’s stART something!

I’ve picked the worst possible time to start a blog. I have an art show to hang tomorrow, a full work schedule this week, and next weekend the family leaves for Scotland, where my two teenage girls will perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. But when it’s time to stART something, it’s time.

That’s what stARTistry is all about: just getting started just because. And then about the combustible, delicious creativity cocktail that comes next.

If something is worth starting, it’s worth stARTing — it’s worth doing with creative gusto. Whether it’s a business, a community garden  or  the screenplay that’s been doing loop de loops through your REM sleep, beginning is an art, and I’m an appreciator. I want to hear about your stARTistic endeavors.

Let this be my demonstration that one doesn’t need a huge chunk of time to begin a blog. I have created and written this in an hour and 45 minutes. I don’t have time to fill out a big profile today, so see my art site if you want to know a little more about me. beckybladesart.com

stART me up!

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