New works of heART

New works of heART

Last year before Valentine’s Day I had an art show at my friend, Shiela’s. Her amazing house was the perfect place to show off new France-inspired paintings to friends who didn’t get to see them at the gallery. In the spirit of season, we made it a fundraiser for the Newhouse domestic violence shelter and invited lots of big-hearted girlfriends.


To give the gals some gifts to buy, I made greeting cards of sold artwork and painted dozens of hearts with whimsical messages on canvas.

Painting hearts and listening for their musings was such a fun addition to my studio that I made it the secret launch of a new stARTistry project: 1000 Works of Heart. Last year, I got to 92. (If you bought one, look on the back for a number in black.)

The goal of 1,000 keeps me from expecting too much from any one heart. But other than that, the project is open ended:  No deadline. No dollar goal. No pressure. No system.

A portion of proceeds from each painting will go to Newhouse. If your heart wants in:


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