stART checking your Teddy

stART checking your Teddy

The most powerful innovations are those that meet us in our soft spots: our homes, our hopes . . . our kids.

Barely more than kids themselves, two young women of Croatia, Ana Burica and Josipa Majic, invented a teddy bear to measure childrens’ vital signs. The 23-year-olds are taking home $20,000 from Global Entrepreneurship competitions this week. Read all about it in this article in Upstart Business Journal.

Teddy the Guardian joins Teddy the Nanny-cam as a smart, stARTistic invention designed to leverage the teddy’s cuddly trust factor to help kids.

I’m proud of these stARTistic young women. But now I’m going to go check all the Teddy bears in the house for clandestine technology.

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