StART the thing only YOU can stART!

StART the thing only YOU can stART!


“Innocents Tossed”
by Becky Blades

We each bring a unique set of material to our creations.

When I began making mixed media art, I learned that the junk I had been collecting and the ideas that I came up with were as personal as fingerprints. Then, when I showed the work, each viewer made it something different by looking at it through her or his lens.

This piece, which for me was about trying to decide what I wanted to do next with my career, was to one viewer about how she felt when her parents divorced. Wow. She should be stARTing a painting or a poem of her own, right?

What do your experiences, skills, and connections allow you to make that no one else can? What is that thing that only YOU can stART?

And what will it be when it is viewed through the lens of another?



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