stARTing a selfie

stARTing a selfie

One of the first wrinkles in my self promotion adventure was staring at me in the mirror this morning. Maybe a second or third wrinkle, too. (Given my aging eyesight, I can’t be sure.) Either way, the 50-something face staring back at me may not be the best face forward for promoting a book that I want young women to find hip.

I feel hip. I feel sharp and young and in the game. I feel like I can hang in social media circles with the vulgar college girls and the snarky new moms. I can write in an ageless voice. I think I just need to quit looking in the mirror before I put on makeup.

Sadly, how we create is often defined by how we see ourselves. Science shows that the mere suggestion to a person that they are old or sick or tired will instantly stunt their problem solving and work product.

So I’m working on a profile picture overhaul. And it’s the most fun I’ve had all week!

I’ve sketched me, clipped vintage photos I wish looked like me, and painted some really bad self portraits. So far, everything represents me better than the head shot on my LinkedIn profile.

The best part about playing creatively with my profile is that I can try on looks that might not work for my entire patchwork life. For instance, since I have some conservative business responsibilities, like serving on the board of an insurance company, I can’t really dye my hair blue. But in one self portrait, I’m a blue-haired lady.

That’s hip now, right?

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