Have a stARTistic 2016.

Have a stARTistic 2016.


Our sense of time and timing has such a big say in what we begin. Maybe that’s why, in our culture, the New Year is a time of resolution and resolve.

When we feel like time is starting over, we feel control. We feel that time is plentiful, and we are the masters of parcelling it out. That sense of control makes us dream bigger, more creatively, and more passionately. So instead of excuses we hear ourselves saying “Today is the first day of forever; I think I’ll clean my closets, learn to play piano and plant a rain forest.”

What if every day held the fresh-start potential of the most lucid New Year’s eve? What if we each became our own clockmaker and calendar keeper? What if time was not our censor but our muse? I’m thinking we’d have more piano players and rain forests, for starters.

Everyone is a stARTist on New Years Day! Don’t spend your resolution energy cleaning junk drawers or closets; use it to stART the thing you’ve always wanted to stART – A poem, a painting, a business . . . a run for the presidency.

Here’s to a stARTistic 2016!

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