stARTists are delusional.

stARTists are delusional.

There is no getting around it, in bad lighting, creativity looks a bit like mental illness.

Given that, perhaps the craziest looking, most courageous stARTists are entrepreneurs. They do their stARTing where the stakes are highest, right out in front of everyone.

I am proud to have started a company or three in my time, and I can attest that starting a company requires unparalleled feats of psychosis. When a painting is bad, you paint over it; when a new business seems all wrong, you call in whatever self-deception, grandiosity and hallucinations required to get you to another day.

I’m a fan of a well-lit blog that pays homage to the stART-up artist. Enjoy this slide show by stARTist extraordinaire, Hugh MacLeod, author of Ignore Everyone.


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