stARTology: Serial small business owners redefine “experience.”

stARTology: Serial small business owners redefine “experience.”

The Kauffman Foundation’s blog, Growthology, is chock-full of findings and ideas about stARTology. I like the recent discussion about serial entrepreneurs that suggests that serial startists are more successful with their second businesses than their first. Even when the second business is in a different industry, success is stronger the second time around.

Anybody surprised? StARTistry – the art of creative beginning – requires a skill and a muscle. It can be developed and flexed and cross-trained. And it should be. If stARTing one business is the best practice for stARTing a better one, it follows that stARTing a club or a song is training for starting a new product or a social movement.

Starting makes us better at stARTing. End of story. And by end I mean, you know, stART.

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