Street stARTists redirected

Street stARTists redirected


Street art, graffiti, city sketching. I love it. And I hate it. With its raw energy and creativity, artistic tagging is a pure form of stARTistry. But creating on other people’s property without their permission is a pure form of destruction.

The most regal of cities struggles with the problem. On a recent trip to Paris, the proliferation of graffiti was tragic. Sweet, pristine corners of the city were marred by art out of place, and buildings that have stood for centuries were scarred by ghosts of paint residue or bleach blotches from repeated cleaning.

Social stARTists in many cities have come up with ways to redirect the creativity of urban artists. I’m a fan of StreetCraftLA, who gives artists an incentive to move their art from walls to canvases or t-shirts. As this fastcoexist video shows, once again, capitalism and stARTistry make happy bedfellows.

One man’s stARTistry is another man’s shopping opportunity!

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